Nanjing Medical University hosted the second Jinling Environment and Health International Symposium


The Second Jinling Environment and Health International Symposium was held at the Jiangning Campus, Nanjing Medical University on 27th August. The symposium was hosted jointly by the Nanjing Medical University and the Jiangsu Society of Toxicology, and was co-organized by seven departments including School of Public Health and the Key Laboratory of Modern Toxicology of Ministry of Education. The theme of this symposium was “Jointly Building a Community of Environmental Health”, which focused on the international frontiers in the field of environment and health. The symposium invited eighteen subject experts and scholars from China, the United States, Norway, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries to deliver academic presentations and had more than 1600 attendees who joined from either online or offline.

The director of School of Public Health Jianming Wang hosted the opening ceremony and extended a warm welcome to the experts and guests, and gave a brief introduction of the invited experts. Professor Shoulin Wang, the chairman of the symposium, delivered the opening speech an introduced the preparation and agenda of the symposium. Professor Wang also extended his heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all experts and colleagues attending the symposium. The vice chancellor Yankai Xia delivered a welcome speech on behalf of Nanjing Medical University. He briefly introduced the achievements of the university in education and teaching, scientific research, development for talents and development of disciplines. Finally, he invited the experts to Nanjing Medical University for academic visiting and exchange, working together to promote high-quality global research on environment and health.


There were three satellite forums, namely the Frontier Forum on Environment and Health, International Forum of Young Scholars and the Second Summit Forum of Asian Consortium for Arsenic and Health Research. A total of 18 academic presentations were delivered, which were hosted by Professor Wang Jianming, Professor Wang Shoulin, professor Lu Chuncheng, Professor Wu Wei, Professor Liu Qizhan and Professor Wei Yongyue from Nanjing Medical University. The experts shared the latest research progress and outputs, and discussed the progress, focused topics, and key techniques in this field, on the themes of the current situation of environmental pollution such as PM2.5, third-hand smoke, pesticides, endocrine disruptors and arsenic, the health hazards and mechanisms of environmental pollutants, models of environmental exposure and their assessment methods, and population cohort.

The symposium provided a platform for scholars in the field of environment and health to communicate with and learn from each other. The symposium further promoted the construction and development of the first-class discipline of Public Health and Preventive Medicine in Nanjing Medical University, and had a positive impact and far-reaching significance on the construction of the community of common health for mankind.


Frontier Forum on Environment and Health


International Forum of Young Scholars




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