Nanjing Medical University hosted the second summit forum of Asian Consortium for Arsenic and Health Research


On August 27th, during the second Jinling Environment and Health International Symposium, Nanjing Medical University held the second summit forum of Asian Consortium for Arsenic and Health Research. Attendees included experts, scholars and graduate students on arsenic and health research, and control from the United States, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, India and Mali, as well as several provinces in China. The forum was hosted both online and offline, with the number of active attendees remaining at around 1000 and peaking at 1137.


Professor Qizhan Liu (President of Asian Arsenic and Health Research Consortium) and Professor Yongyue Wei (Secretary General of Asian Arsenic and Health Research Consortium) co-hosted the forum. The forum invited Professor Dexiang Xu from Anhui Medical University (a member of the Asian Arsenic and Health Research Consortium), Dr. Shahadat Hossain from Community Hospital Foundation, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Professor Yuanyuan Xu from China Medical University, Professor Binafsha Manzoor Syed from Riyadh Medical University, Pakistan, Professor Dapeng Wang from Guizhou Medical University and Professor Qizhan Liu from Nanjing Medical University to deliver academic presentations. 



The forum discussed the mechanism of arsenic-induced health damage and prevention and control strategies and measures, which was a successful forum that enabled  sharing of the latest progress and scientific outlook of arsenic and health research. The forum further promoted international cooperation and exchanges between China and other countries in the world, and enhanced the visibility and influence of the first-class discipline of Public Health and Preventive Medicine in arsenic and health research at home and abroad.

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