Health management is the process of preventing and control the occurrence and development of diseases, reducing medical cost, improving life quality and managing the individual or a population’s health risk factors. Its aim is to arouse the enthusiasm of individuals, collectives and societies to make best use of the limited resource to improve the maximum health outcomes. As the acceleration of aging population and urbanization in our country, the alteration of disease spectrum, the increasement of people suffering from sub-health and chronic diseases and the improvement of people's awareness of health, the need for talents of health management continue to rise.

As the cradle of training medical and health talents in Jiangsu province, it is necessary for our university to strengthen the supply of health management-related educational resources, which can greatly alleviate the current shortage of talents of health management, and also highlight the advantages of the discipline. Against such a backdrop, the department of health management was established by the school of public health in December 2018 on the basis of thorough investigation of the development of public health and preventive medicine and demands of talent training, aiming to play a leading role in teaching and research, talent training and social services in the field, and advancing the of the connotation of the discipline.

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