Department of Hygienic Analysis and Detection was established in Sept2002, which composed primarily of the Hygienic Chemistry Program, teaching experimental center and partly research platform in School of Public Health. Currently, there are 17 faculty members, including 3 professors, 9 associate professors, 2 lecturers, 3 teaching assistants.

Department of Hygienic Analysis and Detection has capability of teaching, scientific research and analysis detection. We have UPLC-MS-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, GC, AAS, Hydrogenated Atomic Fluorimetric Spectrometry, Fluorescence spectrometer and ultraviolet spectrophotometer etc. Department of Hygienic Analysis and Detection offers the courses including Hygienic Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Analytical Chemistry, Food Inspection, Water Quality Examination, Air Inspection, Bio-Matrices Inspection, Cosmetics Inspection and Laboratory Quality Control for undergraduate and graduate students who major in Public Health and Health inspection and quarantine. We have participated in compiling 11 text books, such as Hygienic Chemistry, Analysis Chemistry, Sanitary Microbiology, Physicochemical Analysis of Food and Laboratory Management etc.

We are authorized to offer master’s degree since 2013. Our main research programs including: development and application of new technology of the method for hygienic analysis and detection; harmful factors identification and risk assessment of environment and food; detection and assessment of health factor biological markers. In recent years, we have undertaken more than 10 projects of National Natural Science Foundation(NFSC) and provincial and ministerial science and technology programs. We also take part in the service of dietary supplement and occupation and health analysis in the Center for Hygienic Analysis and Detection. 



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