Founded in 1999, the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene is one of three major disciplines in School of Public Health at Nanjing Medical University. The Department has Master’s and Doctoral degree programs which offer a breadth of educational, research, and experiential opportunities for students. The Department has 4 professors, 6 associate professors, 2 lecturers, 1 research assistant and 1 postdoc. Faculty members are passionate in teaching and research, and zealous in training students to be future professionals who are able to integrate the span of knowledge from molecules to organisms and populations with the goal of improving human health.

The Department undertakes the teaching of relevant compulsory and elective courses for undergraduates, has a school-level excellent course of nutrition and food hygiene, and participates in the compilation of nutrition and food hygiene, comprehensive experimental science of preventive medicine, clinical nutrition, an overview of nutrition sciences, etc.

 In the science area, special research interests include “nutritional and dietary factors with occurrence and development of tumor”, “nutrition and metabolic diseases”, “health effects and molecular mechanisms of foodborne harmful factors”, and “nutrition and cognition during pregnancy”. The Department has undertaken more than 30 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, published nearly 500 academic papers, won the China Nutrition Science and Technology Award, as well as National Advanced Excellent Team in Nutrition Science.

The Institute of Nutrition and Food Science Technology was established in 1995, and was granted as a laboratory for the evaluation of food safety and health food function by Ministry of Health in 1996. The Department has vigorously carried out popular science publicity around dietary nutrition and chronic disease prevention and social hot issues of food safety, which made contributions to promoting the nutrition and health of Jiangsu residents.

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