The Department of Occupational Medicine & Environmental Health was established in June 1999. It is reorganized and developed from former divisions of Occupational Health, Environmental Health, and Hygiene. There are 18 faculty members, including seven professors (six are PhD supervisors), six associate professors, four lecturers and one senior technician. Among these staff members, there are two experts of State Council special allowance, one winner of “National Outstanding Youth Foundation”, four professors of Young Talents of Jiangsu Provincial “333 High-Level Engineering”, three winners of Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions, and one winner of the Academic Leader of Jiangsu Province Qing-Lan Project. The department also has one vice president of the national-level society and three vice presidents and presidents of the provincial-level society.

The department was authorized by National Education Council to offer a master’s degree in 1978 and a doctorate in 2000 in Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health. In 2008, Occupational and Environmental Health was granted as the National Key Academic Discipline. The organization of occupational health service gained qualification approval from Jiangsu Province in 2007. The department is one important part of the State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine, the Key Laboratory of Modern Toxicology of Ministry of Education and the Jiangsu Key Lab of Cancer Biomarkers, Prevention and Treatment.

The department offers diverse courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and MPH students. The courses include Occupational Medicine and Occupational Health, Environmental Health, Public Health Laws and Surveillance, Hygiene, Modern Toxicology, Advanced in Preventive Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Advanced in Cell and Molecular Biology, Cellular Signal Transduction, et al. The department offers the Jiangsu Provincial excellent course “Labor Hygiene and Occupational Medicine”, and NJMU excellent course “Environmental Health”. As the editor-in-chief, the department has published three textbooks such as Comprehensive Experiment of Preventive Medicine, Preventive Medicine, and Study Guides in Preventive Medicine. The textbook Comprehensive Experiment of Preventive Medicine has been selected as an excellent book for Jiangsu Province. Besides, many teachers have been participated in textbooks-compiling, such as Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine, Environmental Health, Fundamental Toxicology, and Experimental Methods and Techniques in Toxicology. In addition, five excellent team awards and six excellent thesis of Jiangsu Province have been achieved among the undergraduate diploma projects in the department. There is four winner of excellent doctoral dissertation of Jiangsu Province and five outstanding master thesis of Jiangsu Province.

During the past five years, the department has undertaken more than 40 scientific research projects, including two subgrants from the National Key Basic Research (973) Projects, four key programs of the National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC), one collaborative project of Sino-Canada, and 20 grants from NSFC. Furthermore, the department has more than 40 peer-review publications including at least 30 papers published in Gut, Sci Adv, Mol Cancer, Mol Cell and Environ Int. The department has gained over 10 International or China Invention Patents. Besides, the department has achieved many awards, including the Second Award of Natural Sciences from the Ministry of Education, the Second Award of Science & Technology Advance of Jiangsu Province, and et al. The department has also accomplished about 100 scientific service projects which contain more than two million RMB of contracts. Due to the excellent jobs, the department has gained the awards of the Innovative Teams of Jiangsu Province Qing-Lan Project, and the title of “Three Cultivation” Advanced Group from Nanjing Medical University.

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