The Cohort Research Center of Nanjing Medical University was founded in March, 2017. Which is a core department of the State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine. The mission of this center is maintaining the CNBC and conducting high level research for important reproduction related scientific questions. The center is a highly specialized research department working with birth cohort at an international level. Approximately 30 people are affiliated with the center, with 4 core professors, 21 full time researchers, 20+ graduate students and 30+ full-time employees. The CNBC construction and operation are mainly supported by the National Key Research and Development Program “ the Establishment and Basic Research of the Assisted Reproductive Population and offspring Cohort in the Chinese Population ”(Project number: 2016YFC1000200) and “ Identification and Interaction of Environment and Genetic Pathogenic Factors in Infertile Population ”(Project number: 2018YFC1004200). The purpose of these projects are to build a regionally representative cohort of infertility, assisted reproduction populations, and their offspring in China. Massive cohort based bio-samples were collected and multi-omics data resources were generated, which layed a foundation for the prevention and control of reproductive disease precisely and promote human assisted reproductive technology to a safer and more reliable direction. Based on the findings and achievements of CNBC, researchers may promote the human reproductive health and improve the population quality.

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