The Center for Global Health (CGH) of Nanjing Medical University was founded in 2018. It is an international collaborative innovation center integrating education, scientific research and translational medicine, based on school of public health of Nanjing Medical University with “A+”-ranking disciplines in preventive medicine.

Focusing on major issues in the field of global health; Actively participating in global health governance; Contributing to build “Healthy Jiangsu” and “Healthy China”; Effectively promoting human health and well-being.

Institution Framework:

To address the challenges of global health, CGH leverages the unique strength to bring together faculties from different areas and fields and collaborates with agencies locally and globally. Now it has five branch centers for research: Environmental Health, Health System and Policy, Infectious Diseases, Individualized Medicine for Tumor, Reproductive Health.

In 2022, in order to improve the innovation ability of CGH, target the national strategic needs and the key points of the Double First-Class initiative discipline construction of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, accurately locate the weak links and hot spots in the global health field, and promote the cooperation and exchange between the center and its peers at home and abroad. Set up the 2022 CGH Open Cooperation Project.

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